Why P&S


A short list of reasons why I think you will love the rack I make:

  • Made in Oakland, CA
  • Front racks are great - big platform that can do a lot: Bag of mulch, 12-pack, large pizza? No problem.
  • Brass Brazed - classic style in this modern world.
  • Panniers: touring? big grocery day? Done and done.
  • Light ready: carrying a large box back from UPS on a rack - it will block your handlebar light for sure. Solution: light mounted to the rack - always showing you the way. Battery powered: easy, use a Gino. Generated: wire travels in the leg of the rack for a clean and protected routing.
  • Versatility: rack works with most bikes.
  • They look really great.
  • Super strong: tested to withstand a lot of abuse, but still be very light.  Who knew?